Courage to Educate Person

International symposium

Ljubljana (Slovenia), 11. december 2021


Themes of the day:

prof. dr. Alberto Zucconi
“Person first! Relationships first!”

prof. dr. Michele De Beni
“If winter told you: “I have spring in my heart”
who would believe it?”

izr. prof. dr. Sebastjan Kristovič
“Education – preparing a child for life”

dr. Maria Teresa Siniscalco
“Socio-emotional skills and school quality”

p. dr. Silvo Šinkovec
“Global citizenship”

Slavi Snoj
“Roots and wings”

Janez Snoj
Reflections of a research  – Values, Perceptions, Contests”


 Together with renowned lecturers from Slovenia and abroad, we will discover the beauty of the pedagogical profession, which is hidden in “… that” relative view “that expresses the longing for a good life for oneself and others, which is an indispensable prerequisite for any educational project.” wrote the author of the book “Roots and Wings” from the collection Like the Sunbeam.

The lectures will be professional and suitable for all pedagogical workers, parents and those who encounter education in everyday life, as we are all part of a large educational community.

Important information

The symposium will take place in the »Matija Tomc« room in the San Stanislav Institute (9.00 – 14.00).

The number of visitors will be limited, in line with the Covid-19 regulations, therefore, please fill in the attached registration form if you would like to join us in person.

Any changes due to the pandemic will be published on our website and communicated to the registered participants via e-mail.

For those of you unable to join us in person, the event will be streamed online, with simultaneous translation in several languages.

Guests of honor

President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia

g. Alojz Kovšca

Chairwoman of the Committee on Education, Science, Sport and Youth in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

ga. Iva Dimic

Chairman of the Commission for Education at the Slovenian Bishops’ Commission

Msgr. dr. Franc Šuštar

co-founder of IEV, mr. Jože Trontljs wife

ga. Tatjana Trontelj


prof. dr. Alberto Zucconi

prof. dr. Alberto Zucconi

Psychologist, psychotherapist, educator and researcher, President of the Person-Center ApproachInstitute in Italy, which he founded together with Carl Rogers; Secretary General of the World University Consortium, USA; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Academy of Artand Science, USA.

prof. dr. Michele De Beni

prof. dr. Michele De Beni

Educator and psychotherapist; Professor of Planning and Evaluation of Education at the Sophia University Institute (Loppiano, Florence, Italy); research coordinator in the international project Co.RT (Cognitive Research Trust) for Italy, led by Edward de Bono; is a member of the Center for Intercultural Studies at the University of Verona and also the expert leader of our research.

Izr. prof. dr. Sebastjan Kristovič

Izr. prof. dr. Sebastjan Kristovič

Researcher and expert in the field of logotherapy / existential analysis, mental health and education. He is the director of the International Institute for Psychotherapy and Applied Psychology, withinwhich the Counseling and Therapy Center for Families, Couples and Individuals operates. He is a professor at the Faculty of Alma Mater Europaea – ECM, where he is also the Vice-Rector for theStudy Process. He is currently leading an extensive three-year project in the field of education, mental health, the Agency for Research and Development of the Republic of Slovenia (ARRS): Holistic educational process and strengthening mental health.

dr. Maria Teresa Siniscalco

dr. Maria Teresa Siniscalco

Maria Teresa Siniscalco collaborates as an expert with INVALSI (the national institute for the evaluation of the Italian school system), where she works on reading comprehension in national surveys; was previously National Project Manager of the 2003 PISA survey. She has a PhD in Experimental Science od Education from the University of Rome and is the coordinator of the international commission EdU-Education for Unity.


p. dr. Silvo Šinkovec

p. dr. Silvo Šinkovec

Defectologist, philosopher, theologian, psychologis, pedagogue. He is a member of the Movement World Ethos Slovenia and a collaborator of the Ljubhospic Institute for the Free Care of the Dying. He is a spiritual assistant of the Association of Catholic Educators of Slovenia and has participated in the creation of its Code of Ethics. Since 1999 he has been the editor of the magazine Vzgoja and since 2011 the director of the Franc Pediček Institute. In 2005 he received the Slomšek Award and therecognition of the Slovenian Adult Education Center.

Slavi Snoj

Slavi Snoj

Educator, co-founder and executive director of the kindergarten “Fantasy” in Belgrade (Serbia); since 2004, pedagogical co-founder and head of the kindergarten “Sončni žarek” in Škofja Loka (Slovenia); author of the book collection “Like the Sunbeam”.


“Like a ray of sunshine”

Method presentation, research and didactics

The first two books from the collection Like the Sunbeam will be presented at the symposium. The first, “Roots and Wings”, describes the socio-cultural reality in which the educational approach of the Sunbeam Kindergarten was born and developed, as well as the personal and professional path that the kindergarten walked together with Slava Snoj, the first head of the kindergarten. In it, the experience and the described path were evaluated by 10 members of the expert commission in the field of education, psychology and sociology.

The second book, “Reflections of Continuous Research”, collects the results of quantitative-qualitative research on children, their parents and employees of the Sunbeam Kindergarten. It was analyzed by experts from Slovenia, Italy and Chile. The research sought the common foundations of the educational approach and their reflection in the lives of children, their families and kindergarten staff.

* The third book, to be published later, will present didactics.

This “relational view,” which expresses a longing for a good life for oneself and for others, is an indispensable prerequisite for any educational project.

Slavi Snoj

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Yes. A live PCT requirement is required for a live presence. It can be in electronic or written form. A negative test can be up to 48 hours old.

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Yes. The symposium will be streamed live on this website.

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Yes. The number of people who will be able to attend the symposium live varies according to the measures of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the NIJZ. Therefore, registration for the symposium is required.

Where is the parking lot?

Next to the hall is a large parking lot, which is available free of charge to all participants of the symposium. It is a few tens of meters away from the hall.

Will it be possible to get lecturers’ contributions?

All lecturers will be invited to publish their contributions on this website. A video of the symposium will also be available shortly after the symposium. It will also be published on this website.

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No. The symposium is without registration fee. Admission is free. If you want to help the organizers with the costs of the organization, you can contact

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